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A Data Pro Ltd. is a worldwide provider of data processing, business content and media research services with over 15 years of experience. The company employs more than 300 people working in 40+ languages, 24/7, located in our offices in Bulgaria and abroad. The success of our company depends on the qualifications and the commitment of our staff that ensures all projects are completed on time and in line with client requirements.

We are looking for:

Media Analyst with English and Hungarian / Korean

Work from home

Job description:

  • Screen media news stories about famous companies and their products in English and Hungarian or Korean
  • Research of companies according to specific criteria
  • Write summaries of the articles in English
  • Evaluate the attitude of the articles
  • Add keywords (index) for specific features
  • Writing of reports in English containing the selected information

Key qualifications:

  • Excellent command of written English
  • Very good command of the second language
  • Drive for achieving results

We are offering:

  • Enjoy employee training & development programmes
  • Profit from diverse international projects and clients
  • Work from home

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