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Learnlight was founded in 2007 with a dream to bridge the gap between the disparate world of education and technology. Our vision was to create an 'EdTech' company that harnessed cutting-edge technology to optimize instructor-led training (ILT) rather than replace it, as so many traditional eLearning providers have tried and failed to do.

Our obsession was, and continues to be, empowering talented trainers to create transformative learning experiences, because, at the end of the day, we think people are the real killer app.

Since our early years as a digital start-up, we've worked with hundreds of clients around the globe; launched more than 10 major versions of our platform; merged with Training Express, a pioneer of blended language learning; built a team of more than 200 incredible people; and recently acquired Communicaid, one of the world's leading experts in specialized language, intercultural and communication skills training.

Virtual Digitalization Content Uploader

The main role of the digitalization content uploader is to create and publish all Magazine activities, core curriculum activities, and specialized activities within the timeframes set and make sure all the Learnlight content on the platform meets the set of quality standards. The tasks involved are in the following areas:

  • Digital Content Uploading
  • Development & Proofing Coordination
  • Management of the Image Library
  • Assignment of Digital Sessions
  • Process Learning Payments
  • Training Staff & Collaborators

Responsibilities & Tasks

Digital Content Uploading (65%)

  • LL Magazines
    • Upload and prepare LL Magazines, LeMag, DasMag, ES Mag, IT Mag, PT Mag, DeustcheTelecom, GNF, American Corner, etc.
    • Check the integrity of LL Magazines, LeMag, DasMag, ES Mag, IT Mag, PT Mag, DeustcheTelecom, GNF, American Corner, etc.
    • Image selections for all the magazines
    • Manage the proofing of all these magazines and register the proofing times for payments
    • Edition & proofing of the Spanish magazine
    • Format the magazine's covers for the weekly / monthly mailing
    • Keep the Magazines tracking updated
    • Keep the Magazines templates updated
    • Manage the publishing of all the magazines
    • Manage the transition of regular v10 magazines to v11 magazines
  • LL Content
    • Upload and format Core Curriculum European activities (FR, ES, IT, PT, DE)
    • Upload Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and new languages activities
    • Upload Instant Content and Café activities
    • Upload OPS activities, keeping a uniform style and format
    • Check the integrity of the LL Units
    • Upload the images and the audio to complement
    • Ensure Team has the tools needed to upload to the best of ability
    • Specialized content for Skills and GlobalEnglish / Pearson
    • Upload LL Progress Tests 
    • Fix all the activities issues found and reported by trainers

Development & Proofing Coordination (7%)

  • Assigning developers to task
  • Create deadlines and workplans for LL magazine developers and proofers
  • Update tracking sheets so project status can be clearly seen
  • Add payments to the LL payment tracking sheet on a timely basis

Management of the Image Library (8%)

  • Manage daily downloads of images
  • Format and preparation of images for LL activities
  • Implement image tagging system
  • Coordinate and train the rest of the team to keep the library updated
  • Create library in the most appropriate site
  • Creation of visual diagrams / infographics for the activities

Assignment of Digital Sessions (5%)

  • Assign activities to Café sessions
  • Assign activities to Academy groups

Process Learning Payments (8%)

  • Add and process payments monthly
  • Provides clear tracking process and monthly report
  • Manage the new developer's documents and tracking the process
  • Be in constant contact with the HR & Finances department

Training staff & collaborators (7%)

  • Train new staff
  • Train Learnlight developers
  • Ensure transition for developers / proofers to v11 as smooth as possible

Required experience

  • At least 1 year in a similar role

Required skills

  • Graphic design skills and knowledge of image editions (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) - preferred
  • Strong computer skills
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Fluent in spoken and written Spanish-preferred
  • Management skills (planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, oversight and strong communication skills)
  • Critical thinking and the ability to discover new approaches to problem solving
  • Knowledge of current and emerging eLearning tools and applications
  • Have dedication and commitment to providing the best possible learning experience
  • Know the importance of real world applications in eLearning
  • Be detail oriented


  • Contract: Freelance
  • Hours: Full time
  • Type of employment: Temporary (6 months)
  • Location: Virtual

 Deadline for applications: 2017-10-13

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