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We are looking for:

Data Based Content Marketer

Remote pozition

At RunRepeat you’ll create amazingly-unique content based on data and sport, with the goal of getting featured by top-tier Newspapers like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the BBC and others.

The right applicant needs to be excellent at spotting a newsworthy story, and someone who can write and communicate well, think on their feet, is good with numbers, and is passionate about sports. We’d love for you to have data-based content creation experience and digital content marketing knowledge is a plus.

Your days at RunRepeat would consist of:

  • Developing ideas other journalists would want to steel, cover, and will be jealous they didn’t think of themselves (25%).
  • Data collection, analysis, and outstanding content creation (25%).
  • Outreach to journalists, industry websites, magazines, news media, and bloggers.(50%)

The end goal of this position is to have respected newspapers and magazines reference your work. This requires developing amazing, newsworthy topics, creating unique, in-depth content, and reaching out to journalists and bloggers to encourage them to write about, and link back to, your articles.

You'd be joining a rapidly growing company that's fun to work for. Two years ago we were 12 people, now we’re 50+. We have over 3 million monthly visits and have been mentioned by media around the world.

We are a fully remote company and hire people we trust which means you get to decide how you work best. We don’t have deadlines, we work in small teams, and the company’s structure is flat. You can work as much as you like, whenever you like, and from wherever you like, as long as RunRepeat is your only focus.

We have a list of nice perks too, like we pay for tools, courses, books, and your gym membership, plus every year of employment you get one more week of paid vacation. Unpaid vacation is unlimited and once a year we take a company-paid trip to an awesome place to do amazing things. We just got back from Bali and previously we were in the French Alps, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Your job will be simply to create stellar content, be an awesome team member, and make an impact.

Check out our past content at news to get an idea of what we’ve created and had covered so far.


When you apply, attach a CV and please answer the following:

  • Why does this job, in particular, motivate you?
  • How comfortable are you with analyzing data and crunching numbers?
  • What’s your writing background? Have you published content on the web (not required)? If so please attach a few links so we can view your work.
  • Do you have any outreach/link building experience (not required)? If so, what’s the best backlink you’ve gotten placed and how did you land that link (Please provide the URL of the referring page)?
  • What’s your expected monthly salary?


1.000,00 - 1.500,00 USD

If you have any questions before submitting your application, contact us electronically.

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